Blinkenlights Loveletters

Once people learned about the ability to create animations for the Blinkenlights installation some came up with the idea of creating very personal movies for their love ones. And it was all you could imagine: devotion, beauty, humour and creativity.

Then people turned to us asking us for a chance to have their movie shown - at a very specific date and time to be able to surprise and impress. We thought about this request for a while and came up with a very simple and pretty successful idea.

Extending the functionality of our existing Pong game, we created a new feature for Blinkenlights: the Blinkenlights Love Letters.

Sharing love

So when people turned to us with their superpersonal movies, we got back to them handing out a personal code that they could use to activate their movie at will at any time. By calling the Pong game, waiting for the connection to become established and the entering the code using the telephone's keyboard they could move the game aside and start their movie on the building.

The love letter was shown as long as the telephone connection remained established giving everybody enough time to impress and kiss. Once the call ends, Blinkenlights just returned to its ordinary routing of presenting more of the impressive animations so many people have contributed to the project.