Blinkenpaint is an application for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows that enabled you to create your own images and aminations for both the Blinkenlights and the Blinkenlights Reloaded installations.

How to use Blinkenpaint

Blinkenpaint is pretty easy to use. When it starts it presents you a distant view of the Blinkenlights building. Click on the windows to switch the light on or off. That way you can create simple pictures.

By adding of new images you create a movie. Every image has a certain delay time so that some images display longer and others shorter depending on the desired effect.

Use commands in the "Image" menu to perform operations on the image like inverting and rotating the content. The menu "Frame" may be used to set the delay time.

When you save the movie to disk, you create a Blinkenlights Movie.

Blinkenpaint Download

The current version of Blinkenpaint is 3.14. You can download it here:

Sample Movies

Here are a few sample movies to start with