Blinkenlights was a computer controlled system. This allowed for more features than just playing movies on the house. And because we wanted people to have fun, so we decided that at the core of interactivity there must be game to be played by everybody.

So we went ahead and reprogrammed the arcade classic Pong game for Blinkenlights which fits the matrix perfectly.

How to play

To play, you took your mobile phone and dialed 0190-987654 (which is of course out of service now). The system picked up your call and you heard a voice explaning what to do. The house stopped its current program and switched over to the Pong playground: two paddles and a ball.

One used the 5 on your phone to move your paddle up, and number 8 to move it down. That simple. One were usually controlling the left paddle and playing against the computer on the right. But if a second person called the system as well, it got into control of the other paddle so both could play against each other. Once everyone hung up, Blinkenlights switched back to its current playlist.

The simple Pong game inspired people and immediately grasped their attention. It was easy to "get it" and the game served as a catalyst spreading the word about Blinkenlights extensively.

In a next step, we extended the functionality by introducing the Blinkenlights Loveletters.