Toronto City Hall

Toronto City Hall is Toronto's landmark building in the heart of the City. It's two curved towers of different width and height and its unique inward looking facade enclosing the UFO-shaped conference room shapes the appearance of Ontarios capitol and also serves as the logo of the municipality.

So Toronto City Hall is going to be the venue for Stereoscope for the 2008 Nuit Blanche event. For Project Blinkenlights, the building is a special challenge as its structure breaks with our established look of flat, rectangular facades we used in our former installations in Berlin and Paris.

Multiple Screens

The building features two towers: the West Tower with 22 windows on each floor with the facade being broken up in two areas with 7 floors in the lower and 8 floors in the upper part. The East Tower is slightly larger, featuring 30 windows per floor with 9 consecutive floors in the lower and 12 floors in the upper part. In total, the building features 960 windows facing inwards.

Stereoscope is going to use the facade in a variety of ways. First, all windows will be considered to be part of one huge virtual screen where images and animations move from part to part, from tower to tower essentially combining the disjoint structures into a huge luminous canvas artists can "paint" on.

Another approach will be to address the four parts of the facade separately, essentially creating four individual screens that can be used for isolated playback or interactive gameplay mixing the content in a layered fashion so that "unused" screens continue to show a background animation while others present specifically created movies and animations in their screen.

We have more information on how you can participate by creating animations and if you are more technically inclined we also provide a more in-depth description of how you can convert your animations into our movie format to address the screen.