Submit Stereoscope Movie

Please follow the following guidelines to submit movies for Stereoscope.

Set up an account first

In order to submit movies we ask you to create an account on this website. You will need a working e-mail account for this and your e-mail must be confirmed by clicking on a link we send to you. Once you have confirmed your account, you can log in to our site and submit as many movies as you like.

Submit Movie

Once you have logged in to your account, use this web form to submit your Stereoscope Movie for inclusion in our project. Please do not expect an immediate response.

Here is a list of all submitted movies so far. It's a rather rough list and does not yet show any previews but at least you can ensure your stuff has made it on our website.

Why do I need an account to submit?

We want to make sure you retain some control over the movies you submitted and want to enable a couple of other features like rating other peoples work. We also want to be able to put some notification in place to let you know when your movie is actually been selected for display and so on. We are not sure how far we will come with all of this but we want to keep out options open.

What happens when Stereoscope is over

We'd like to keep the project running in a virtual fashion so we might keep accepting movies and operating our data stream to keep the Stereoscope Simulator happy. We haven't really settled on specific plans but as we said before: we love options.